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Shame or Blame is not Sustainable

Since global action requires change from each of us, playing the shame or blame game is not a long term solution to achieving our goal. Moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle takes courage and commitment because everything we do requires some sort of ecological, social or economic compromise.

Sustainable living is about progress not perfection.

A lifestyle change requires incremental steps and should enrich your life. If you blame, shame and guilt yourself into changing your behavior you risk shutting down and disengaging. If you worry that you might be a hypocrite when your behavior is not perfect, this means that only those who are green saints can be critics, everyone else is a sinner. But the green saint is a mythical figure. We all make mistakes and each of us is muddling our way through the challenge doing the best we can. So, if you fall at a hurdle, don’t beat yourself up, just keep trying.

Neither should we shame others into changing their behavior.

This also runs the risk of causing total disengagement. Everyone will understand and react to the sustainability challenge at their own pace. We have found that sharing knowledge, experiences, difficulties and wins is the best and fastest way to engage and mobilize others into action. So, set an example but don’t shame others when they fall at a hurdle, just encourage them to keep trying. 

What else can we do?

Although each of our individual actions brought together makes an almighty difference, institutional efforts are vital in supporting our efforts. It’s always tempting to blame governments and businesses for what feels like a global meltdown, and in some cases this might be deserved but we can encourage behavior change by speaking out. For instance, contact your local legislators, local media, favorite brands and organisations. Ask questions about what they are doing to contribute to a more sustainable world. Let them know where you see a need for change or action. Use your voice, use your votes, use your dollars.

We want to build a community that cares enough to continuously review their actions, help others to make changes and spread the word.  

AWorld Team

Talk the talk, walk the walk (try hard to!)

Here at AWorld HQ we want to show that we are far from perfect when it comes to living sustainably, but we do try to walk the walk as well as talk the talk…

So, say hello to some of the team….

Marco Armellino
Co-Founder of AWorld
What ‘sustainable’ lifestyle changes are you most proud of?
I bought an electric car this year. I love it! It’s the perfect little runaround and cuts my carbon footprint almost in half. Where I live makes it really difficult to use public transport so a car is necessary.
What sustainable habits are you working on? / What do you plan to change in the next month?
I’m avoiding all shop bought food covered in loads and loads of unnecessary plastic. It’s a bit easier now that I’m on a diet but it will get harder when I return to my normal eating habits!
Of all your ‘non-sustainable’ habits, which do you find the most difficult to change?
I take a lot of flights each year. That will be a difficult to change, but at least I now think about how efficient the airline’s planes are and I’m trying to reduce the number of flights to the minimum.

Alex Armillotta
Co-Founder of AWorld
What ‘sustainable’ lifestyle changes are you most proud of?
I’m really hot on using green energy at home and making sure I switch off my tech when I’m not using it.

What sustainable habits are you working on? / What do you plan to change in the next month?
I love my food. I’m Italian, it’s in my blood! I work late into the evenings and NYC has so many great food options to grab and go. Meat is a really hard one to give up completely but I am trying to eat it less and to cook a little more, especially at the weekends.
Of all your ‘non-sustainable’ habits, which do you find the most difficult to change?
I struggle with carrying around my reusable coffee cup and bottle. I often rush out the door in the mornings and leave them behind. I’m pretty sure it will become ingrained in me someday though.

Check back in to the blog next month to find out about our third co-founder and the dirty habits of our developers!

What actions are you taking towards a sustainable lifestyle?

Share your experiences, favorite sustainable brands and organisations with us!


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